The Roe Family Singers Release New Folk Anthem “Road To Hell” From Upcoming ‘Sisters and Brothers’ Album Coming in 2023 image001.jpg

By October 28, 2022 October 31st, 2022 Roe Family Singers

Nashville, Tenn. – The Roe Family Singers are gearing up for the next chapter in their storied career with the release of their energetic new single “Road To Hell.” It explores a different side of the Minnesota based band, by showcasing a variety of different genres ranging from Folk to Americana and beyond. It’s part of their next full-length album Sister and Brothers, coming in 2023 from Bonfire Music Group. “Road to Hell” is available for download and/or steaming now HERE!


“The whole album is a love letter to one of my favorite bands, the folk-punk band, The Pogues. ‘Road to Hell’ specifically is an homage to the Pogues’ song, “If I Should Fall From Grace With God,” the first Pogues song I ever heard,” explains Quillan Roe.


“The message of the song is–as you say–similar to “Don’t Worry About the Rich Man,” that greed is the ultimate downfall of us all. It was pretty hard to sit at home during the pandemic, worrying if we could pay our bills and provide for our kids, while the news was talking about record profits for corporations and their billionaire owners.”


“Road to Hell” was written by founding member Quillan Roe. The lyrics revolve around the ultimate message, which is that “we all go down to the grave,” as the lyrics say. The experimental anthem also tackles a message similar to their previous Grassicana hit “Don’t Worry About the Rich Man” from their previous Roll Up The Rug project. Another interesting twist is the single artwork for the new single which was done by world-renowned illustrating artist Quillan. The image depicts a devil and plenty of flames to perfectly match the vibe of the track.


The full Sisters and Brothers project includes 12 new recordings. Some titles that standout include “Loretta Lynn Blues” which pays tribute to the late country legend’s empowering life with a unique twist featuring lead vocals from Kim Roe accompanied by Annie Savage on fiddle. The album closes with the tune “Bedtime In Boogie Town.” The collection includes members and special guests Kim Roe (lead vocals, percussion), Quillan Roe(lead vocals, banjo, archtop guitar, Erik Brandt (accordion), Dave Gustafson (mandolin), Dan Gaarder (flat-top guitars, vocals), Joe Hayes (Appalachian clogging), Eric Paulson (doghouse bass), Rich Rue (resonator guitars), Adam Wirtzfeld (musical saw), Steve Kaul (banjo sticks), Noah Levy (drums), David F. Robinson (second flap-top guitar), Annie Savage (fiddle). Stay tuned as more details are revealed!


To keep up to date with all things Roe Family Singers, check out their official website HERE. While there, fans can find the latest news stories, find upcoming tour dates and more!


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