Ray Cardwell’s Sophomore Project ‘Stand On My Own’ Available Now via Bonfire Recording Company

The Bluegrass Situation Offers Exclusive First-Listen of Track “Sinners & Saints”

Nashville, Tenn. – The time has finally come, as Ray Cardwell releases his highly-anticipated album, Stand On My Own. Released via Bonfire Record Company, the collection serves as Cardwell’s sophomore project, and includes 12 new recordings, two of which have already gone on to top the charts. Fans can purchase a copy, or stream Stand On My Own HERE.

“This CD is more than a collection of songs. It’s music that spans half a lifetime, rooted in a traditional bluegrass upbringing and branching off into the discovery of different styles,” says Cardwell. “Emotionally, it’s a fiercely optimistic musical celebration of life, reflecting heartaches as well as triumphs.

Earlier this week, The Bluegrass Situation gave fans an exclusive first-listen to the track, “Sinners & Saints,” which is included on the new project. “‘Sinners & Saints’ is a song Kari Kimmel wrote that a friend played for me,” Cardwell told the publication.  “She’s an accomplished writer from LA that writes a lot for movies and TV. As a producer I really liked the haunting melody and progression. The idea for the mountain sound of the banjo rolling throughout the song with bare minimum percussion accompanying it gave it a feel of old, yet with a groove.” Check out the new track HERE.

Stand On My Own has already created a significant amount of buzz, cranking out two No. 1 singles on the Grassicana Weekly Airplay Chart with “Time to Drive” and “Alright.” The current single, “Hurricane Rain” has continued to turn heads, already hitting No. 2. The Missouri native’s songwriting is on full display, penning an impressive nine of the project’s 12 tracks. Cardwell will discuss album influences, inspiration and more, with an upcoming appearance on the nationally syndicated radio program, Into the Blue (check local listings).

Music enthusiasts can learn more about the album by visiting Ray Cardwell’s official website, which also lists upcoming tour appearances. While there, visitors will also be able to purchase a physical copy of the project, check the latest news stories and more.

Stand On My Own Track Listing:
1. Time To Drive
2. Hurricane Rain
3. Stand On My Own
4. Sinners & Saints
5. Change In My Life
6. Jump Back Jane
7. New Set of Problems
8. Alright
9. Movin’ On
10. Wedding Bells
11. Yeah Love
12. Love Each Other

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