Americana Singer/Songwriter Coco O’Connor Releases New Album ‘Big Reveal’ – Out Today! Album Cover

By August 5, 2022 Coco O'Connor

Album Cover

Nashville, Tenn. – Americana songstress Coco O’Connor just released her brand new, full-length project Big Reveal. The collection includes a total of 10 recordings, which were all either written or co-written by O’Connor and Stephanie C. Brown. Brown is a songwriter who is perhaps best known for discovering Garth Brooks. The album combines a combination of different genres ranging from Folk-Rock to Soul with a Roots twist to Americana, all centered around the Alabama native’s one-of-a-kind voice. Fans can download and/or stream Big Reveal HERE.

“Stephanie C. Brown is the creative catalyst for this work. I like to think records are little time capsules. This one is special because it has 3 songs written and recorded before the pandemic,” explains Coco O’Connor. “The rest of the songs were written during the lockdowns and recorded after the restrictions had lifted. If Stephanie had not kept us all writing via Zoom, well, there would be no record. She is a ‘sage-woman’ of songs and I am honored that she accepted me into her creative circle of songs and friends.”

In a way, Coco is returning to her roots with Big Reveal. The record was recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, which is an area that is rich in a multitude of musical influences, and that inspiration is heavily on display from start to finish. She also assembled an impressive lineup of musicians performing on the album including Judy Rodman and Trinecia Hall Hodge (backing vocals), Justin Holder (drums/percussion), Jamie McFarlane (bass), Will McFarlane (guitars), Mark Narmore (piano, organ), Kimi Samson (fiddle) and Grant Walden (producer). Other guest songwriters include Mark Narmore, Stephanie C. Brown, ElizaBeth Hill, Will McFarlane, Sandy Carroll, Grant Walden and Taylor O’Connor.

Perhaps one of the biggest standouts on the project is the title-track single. Written by O’Connor alongside Hill and Brown, “Big Reveal” tells the story of waiting for something big to happen. It details the triumphs associated along the way, but with a must-hear spin. The song took on so much deep meaning and significance that it was eventually chosen as the full album title, creating a full-circle moment for O’Connor.

The project kicks off with the upbeat guitar-driven “Ain’t No Shame” which also centers around its empowering lyrics about not caring what others think. Big Reveal ends with the beautiful ballad “Redbird.” The personal yet anthemic song inspired by the passing of her mother and the red birds that kept showing up afterwards. This song was co-written by Coco alongside Narmore and Brown. The entire collection was produced by critically-acclaimed studio veteran Grant Walden.

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Big Reveal Track Listing:
1. Ain’t No Shame
2. No Crossroads
3. Big Reveal
4. Flower In The Sidewalk
5. Goin’ Nowhere
6. Summer Rain
7. Rosalie
8. 1001 Things
9. Only Human
10. Redbird

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