Áine Burns, a celebrated Bluegrass, Americana, and Roots singer from Donegal, Ireland, is making waves in the music scene with her upcoming releases under Bonfire Music Group / Pinecastle Records. Her lead single, “I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Every Day,” and a new single, “Linger” – a spin on a famous tune from The Cranberries, set to drop in summer 2024. Both are produced by her husband, chart topping singer/songwriter Danny Burns.

Growing up in her family’s Irish pub, Áine was surrounded by the vibrant sounds of live music, from traditional folk to rock. Her musical journey was ignited by a gift from a local – a copy of The Pogues’ album Rum Sodomy and the Lash – which sparked her love for the band and Shane McGowan’s unique storytelling.

Áine’s sound is profoundly influenced by her mother’s Country music performances in northwest Ireland, and the dynamic musical environment of her parents’ pubs and venues. Along the way, Danny has also helped by introducing her to Nashville’s remarkable recording artists, where she has been warmly embraced by the Bluegrass, Americana, and Country music communities. Friends like Tim O’Brien and Sam Bush have provided invaluable support and encouragement.

Through her music, Áine aims to bring joy and happiness, a mission she also fulfills as a music teacher and songwriter. She loves working with children and involves her four children in her courses and classes at her growing music school in Charleston, South Carolina.

Áine and her family have recently opened a pub in Charleston, South Carolina, called The Celt, located in Mt. Pleasant, further embedding her in the local music community. Her favorite experiences include recording in Nashville, attending Berkeley, playing at music festivals, and performing at city wineries with Danny. However, teaching young children at bible camps and connecting them to music remains the most personally fulfilling aspect of her career.



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